These beautiful milestone discs are the perfect addition to watching a newborn reach their first birthday. The etched rainbow is on every monthly milestone disc and is a must-have for capturing all the special moments that pass by so quickly.

Gone are they days that photos are printed in an album with your newborns age on the back so make sure to capture these moments with a beautiful disc. 

What is included? 

- 14 individual discs etched on 3mm plywood (9.5cm in diameter) 

- Wind & Willow Co keepsake canvas tie-up satchel 

Our Wind & Willow Co Baby Milestone Discs are the perfect gift for a new baby, expecting mum and baby shower. 


Hello I'm here 

One Day Old 

One Month Old

Two Months Old 

Three Months Old 

Four Months Old 

Five Months Old 

Six Months Old 

Seven Months Old 

Eight Months Old 

Nine Months Old 

Ten Months Old 

Eleven Months Old 

One Year 


Plywood & Canvas Bag 

Please note that because the discs are made of plywood, discs may contain unique imperfections. This is not considered a fault but rather a reflection of the unique natural beauty of the raw material used. 


These discs are for photographs only! They are not toys. Please ensure you store discs out of reach from curious little hands and never leave with your baby unattended. 

Wooden Monthly Milestone Discs - Rainbow